Silver Calyx


Calyx Garden’s Silver Calyx is a well-balanced hybrid derived from powerful and well-known genetics.
This strain is a hybrid between Grape Calyx and a GG#4 bag rogue seed.
Silver Calyx is an appropriate name for this pungent flower due to its oily, trichome-laden exterior.
It has a traditional GG#4 scent of earth and skunk with a faint, sweet berry undertone.
To cope with headaches, mild physical pain, and insomnia, take Silver Calyx.

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Silver Calyx – Description

Silver Calyx by Calyx Garden falls into the latter group, with some strains being completely transparent.

They are completely transparent about their intentions and others keeping their identities a secret.

Although we know she’s a mix between Grape Calyx and Gorilla Glue #4;

There’s not much else about this well-balanced hybrid that’s been widely mentioned.

One of the most pressing concerns is her potency, and while no figures have been released;

The fact that she is descended from GG#4 genetics suggests she is very strong.

Nugs are thick and speckled with dull pistils and fine white trichomes in a variety of green tones.

Her palate is well-balanced, with savory skunk and earth notes rounded out by a soft berry flavor.

Even expert users may want to play around with this strain a little before diving in, as Silver Calyx can have a variety of effects.

The majority of people say their high is energizing and gives them a unique sense of concentration.


It’s easier than ever to complete daunting tasks, but be mindful that a sense of calm will soon set in.

This is often accompanied by a heavy sense of arousal;

So catch up with your loved one after work and spend some quality time together.

Silver Calyx has a strong chance of becoming a medical user’s new best friend.

This is because of her potent high and ability to resolve a wide variety of issues.

Stress, depression, and anxiety are all alleviated by her upbeat ways.

They also alleviate the initial burst of energy you feel and would be perfect for those who suffer from everyday exhaustion.

Be sure to experiment with this strain to see what the best time of day is for your specific needs and tolerance;

The last thing you want is to be too stimulated at work.

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