Mataró Blue


Mataro Blue is Kannabia’s crown jewel, and perhaps their most desired strain. This is not the one to skip in your grow-op. She’s a multi-award-winning cultivar that’s suitable for medicinal and recreational use alike. The relaxing Indica features deep, sweet berry flavours from large, dense, and frosty buds. Her effect lends itself to reflection and meditation. Mataro Blue is like the wild musings of a grower come true; it’s heavy-yielding, fast-flowering, and resistant to mold and pests. She will require 58–65 days for flowering, after which she will reward the grower with approximately 600g/m² indoors. Thanks to her high resin content, this variety can be made into an exceptional hash and concentrates.

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Mataró Blue is a mixture of 3 quality strains from the laboratory of Kannabia. They have taken a Blueberry, a Mazar-i-Sharif which is the original ancient Afghani and their own Black Domina to breed this new strain. The result is a strain that is known to produce a very nice and strong hash but is also a favorite to many connoisseurs that like to smoke something different.

She is very productive when grown outside but also indoors she produces above average. She can quite bushy and reach a height of up to around 2 meters. She develops a great number of huge nugs that might need some support because of their heavyweight. She develops a huge main cola with many nugs on the side branches that also will have a thick cover of shiny resin and produce a pretty strong smell when she is in her late flowering period so good ventilation is advised when growing her indoors.

Mataró Blue is a favorite to many growers and smokers because she never disappoints. Her crop is Top-Quality and her luscious taste really is a treat. She comes with a very deep and floating high.

Brand High Times Cannabis
Genetics 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Parents Black Domina x Mazar-i-Sharif x Blue Monster
Flowering Time 58-65 days
Yield (Indoor) 600 g/m2
Yield (Outdoor) 800 g/plant
Height (Outdoor) 200cm
Available as Feminized strains

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