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Strain Name: Harlequin
Grade: B
Type: 75% Sativa
Taste: earthy

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Effects: Anti-anxiety and anti stress trickles down your body from head to toe. Decent pain management compared to other Indicas for me which was supprising, better then any Sativa I have ever tried for pain. very low ceiling. the come down gives me a headache which I am not fond of. I think this strain lives up to its name as the Valium of Marijuana. the easiest come up followed by nicest wave of calm.
Potency: Weak as far as thc which tested at 6.7 percent but freakishly strong as far as CBD. most test at .5 or so and this one test at 13.5 percent. This strain left things to be desired and would like to see it in a more experienced growers hands.

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6 reviews for Harlequin

  1. Mfrigon

    Very interesting strain ! Incredible smell !! Great smooth buzz.. doesn’t last long though! Must try

  2. McLovinIt

    cbd strains are really interesting to me. i wasn’t expecting to get too stoned, but harlequin is a 1:1 strain so i got more of a buzz than expected. the cbd effects were really nice.

  3. skabiling

    I hope they keep replenishing this strain because it’s one of the best ones I have tried on this site. I feel like it’s super potent and gives me a good high. It smells great and the CBD effects really get to me. I highly recommend this strain if you’re looking for a good head high.

  4. Dusty21861

    Smokes well..
    Tastes Good..
    Works on the pain..

  5. DaRat767

    Harlequin is a great CBD strain, and the combination of CBD and THC are very effective for pain relief. I’ve tried many CBD strains and this is one of my favourites for sure, and as other reviews have said it will get you high as Harlequin does have high THC content in addition to the CBD. Nice trim job, tastes great and smokes smoothly – what more could you ask for? 5 stars!

  6. Frogdog13

    Best cbd strain you’ve had for sale

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