Charas Hash

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Our charas has a CBD content of almost 20%.

It has a wonderful consistency and is easy to knead.

We are convinced that you will be thrilled by the aroma.

THC content <0,3%



The Charas – CBD Hash

Charas is no doubt one of the greatest hash products in the cannabis industry. One of the reasons is a particular way of extraction. How is charas hash extracted

The Overview
Charas (Hindustani) is the name given to a hashish type of cannabis which is high quality in the Indian subcontinent and Jamaica. It is produced using the gum of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica). The plant develops wild all through Northern India along the stretch of the Himalayas. Its putative root and is a significant money crop for the nearby individuals. How to smoke charas hash At the sight this kind of lawful hashish is delicate and yet full-bodied.

The Smell
The outer part, in contact with oxygen, turns into a dull darker. Practically dark; while the inward part is lighter, of a sensitive dark. Colored that helps to remember caramel. One of the fundamental highlights of this hashish is its fragrance. The last is suggestive of the concentrates and saps that have spread over the most recent couple of years in America.

The smell is solid, exceptional and encompassing with fruity notes joined with impactful traces of mint, backwoods, and earth.

Root and Cultivation

The idiosyncrasy of the Charas is the creation philosophy.
The Charas – CBD Hash

The Origins

The utilization has old beginnings with various notices likewise to the Indian folklore. Hemp, for instance, is a ground-breaking sexual enhancer that created impacts even on the god Shiva, as indicated by a Nepalese legend. This generation philosophy has created as of late likewise in Europe where the Charas has become an image of value.

The quicker one works, the lower the nature of charas; thus to make “Malana cream” it is important to go gradually and make just a couple of grams daily. These days creation of cannabis in the Himalayas has expanded with developing interest for Malana cream; the old specialty of assembling is vanishing under the strain to profit by the local and global market for charas


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