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Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 65% Sativa / 35% Indica THC: 13% – 20%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%
Despite the ferocious name, AK-47 is a relaxing and mellowing strain. Although it is sativa dominant strain that packs an 65:35 sativa/indica ratio; you can look forward to a long lasting cerebral buzz upon your first few tokes. The fusion of Thai, Mexican, Afghani, and Colombian varieties make AK-47’s scent strong and sour. In addition to its vivid lime green color, you can expect to see long and sticky orange hairs once you get your hands on this amazing bud. Patients favor this strain because of its ability to alleviate pain and induce relaxation; so if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or pain, this strain is for you! AK-47 can walk the walk for the reputation that it has been given.

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15 reviews for AK-47

  1. GreenQueen

    Smells like dirty outdoor weed and has a strong effect. The effects are uplifting and happy. Wonderful for day use and xmas presents. Very enjoyable, would purchase again.

  2. Sharonamor

    Was ok
    Not very strong
    I except more

  3. AST

    Quite potent!

  4. Danny

    Really Good weed great taste to gonna order it again 4sure.

  5. dtopal

    Ordered it on a smoking deal and this stuff is the best all around herb I’ve ever smoked. Great initial sativa high that’s balanced and motivating that then creeps into a nice indica high. Would definitely recommend.

  6. bigshyne

    Looks beautiful, has an 7-8/10 strength and will make any hybrid or indica smoker happy. I definitely did not feel any real Sativa effects sometimes associated with this strain, but I am quite sensitive to Indica properties in Hybrid crosses.

    This is great bud, looks like the picture. Grab at least 7 grams to make sure you get a few killer, unsquished nugs.

  7. shanksta

    Amazing. Top notch again one of the best AK 47’s ive had. you wont be disappointed just buy lots cause it will go like crack

  8. Dvans

    Tried this strain for the very first time and absolutely loved it! Very sticky nugs , nice smelling, sweet tasting, and very potent clean high! Highly recommend for the price, buy lots! Like usual, HTC delivery is phenomenal, shipped from Amsterdam on a Friday and received in ON the following Monday! You guys rock! ?????

  9. Buzzer

    Probably one of the best weed that i smoked. It’s just awsome! Great look and taste, nice buds! Thanks HTC, 5/5

  10. Frogdog13

    Best AK 47 around

  11. BDGDeanGreen

    It’s awesome, not the same AK 47 I had when I first fell in love with this strain, but damn is this one tasty as hell. That’s the thing about Crack, it’s such a good strain and for me personally, when mixed with God strain, makes for one of my all time favourite strains.

  12. henry421

    wow what a great strain this was

    coated & bloated with trichomes. chunky airy green & purple nugs. smooth vapes

    solid hybrid

  13. scooter_26

    Amazing bag appeal, top notch quality. The smell of the bud has a nice earthy woodiness to it, and breaking it up you get the third and forth scent with a citrus kush smell. The taste is very similar to the smell earthy, woody, citrus kush. The high was first with some energy and willingness to complete task but soon after leaned more into the indica with more couch lock abilities and more of a burn out Will buy again

  14. Kastromanutd

    I wish it was stronger

  15. AlexMassey

    Legendary strain, everything great with this one.

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