Afghan Black Hash

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Aroma: Traditional, Spicy

Quality Assurance: Certified Organically Grown, No Synthetic Fertilizers, Grown in Living Soil

Dominant Terpenes

  • Alpha-Bisabolol
  • Alpha-Humulene
  • Beta-Myrcene
  • Trans-Caryophyllene



Our Organic Afghan Black Hash, made from trichome-rich organic bud, is available for a limited time to our customers and patients.

Slowly cured and pressed, this typical black hash becomes soft and gummy with just the right amount of crumble.

Organic Afghan Black is dark on the outside and light brown on the inside, with a classic, spicy scent.

It also has a full-bodied, pure, and refined flavor.

Organic Afghan Black Hash, with 30 percent THC and organically grown in living soil.

Afghan Black Hash provides a pure, raw, and heavy-hitting experience for both new and seasoned users.

Get it until it’s too late.



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28 grams (1Oz), 112 grams (4Oz), 224 grams(8Oz)(½Lb), 448 grams(16Oz)(1Lb)

7 reviews for Afghan Black Hash

  1. Pat16

    Makes you super mellow and relaxed, great for an evening at home!

  2. Brecat

    Tastes great. I loved the buzz. Super happy and mellow. Will order again. Great price as well hard to say no.

  3. Gablem2019

    Not a great smell nor a great taste, but a very Nice buzz…

  4. Jacques Langevin

    Ordered this but received afghan apple hash wich is pretty good.

  5. Mikenorm8

    Really enjoyed this a lot. Thanks !!

  6. Millagram705

    Différent de celui que j’ai commandé auparavant. Je crois qu’il vient du Maroc ou du Liban plutôt que de l’Afghanistan. Excellent produit tout de même, davantage pour le buzz que pour le goût…

  7. Gablem2020

    Good quality abit harsh on the throat in the pipe tho

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