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    CBD Oil (High Quality, 25ml)

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    EXTRACT FLAVOR: Olive oil
    POTENCY: 1500mg
    Product Benefits
    More than just CBD: CBD plus naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and more in every serving.
    Our premium hemp extract oil is designed to help maintain:
    For cancer, depression, anxiety, appetite, PSTD, pain relief, seizures
    Support for normal, everyday stresses
    Healthy recovery from exercise
    Support a sense of calm for focus
    We use limited, select ingredients to ensure you have the absolute best hemp extract oil possible, with no fillers. Our oils include our premium hemp extract, oil, and flavor.

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    CBD Tincture by Mota


    The world-wide research focus on non-psychoactive CBD overturns all cannabis stereotypes. CBD is one of 85 active molecules in cannabis that interact with the human body’s internal receptors. CBD produces a “zero” high but researchers are exploring its impact on a growing list of physiological conditions. The potential effects have led some advocates to call […]

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    Butane hash oil


    Butane Hash Oil can have a THC concentration of approximately 80% (in comparison with traditional cannabis which is about 10-25%).

    Other names

    BHO, Marijuana wax, budder, honeycomb, shatter, dab, amber, oil, wax butter, sap

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