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Order Weed Online Ireland

About our online dispensary – Order weed online Ireland – High Times Cannabis

To order weed online Ireland, All of the marijuana we sell at High Times Cannabis grows in controlled environments, so you can trust the quality of our goods.

We’ve opened dispensaries in 4 states to help all cannabis aficionados find something special for their requirements.

High Times Cannabis is a registered business with years of experience in the cannabis industry.

As a result, all of the goods we sell are goes through the laboratory for testing and they prove to be effective in a variety of situations.

order weed online ireland
Order weed online Ireland

Why you should you order weed online Ireland at our store?
On the internet, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies selling medical marijuana.

Why should you choose High Times Cannabis cannabis shop above the others?

The indisputable quality and range of products we sell set us apart from all other marijuana retailers.

Moreover, we are a licensed corporation based in Amsterdam, North Holland.

High Times Cannabis have actual dispensaries, and this internet store is merely a complement to them.

However, we have dozens of suppliers who allow us to offer a variety of cannabis strains on our website.

This is because of our eight years of experience in this field.

Hence, whether you’re seeking for cannabis to relieve pain or symptoms of a chronic illness, you are in the right place!


We provide the greatest quality CBD, THC, and RSO Cannabis oil products straight to you.

Our supply network consists in such a way to ensure that the delivery of your order comes with both quality and speed.

To buy weed online UK, is it hassle-free with us.

Order weed online Ireland
order weed online Ireland


All of our goods uses GMO-free, vegan, and all-natural ingredients

We extract CBD with organic solvents from high-quality medical marijuana and that is the only CBD we use

Thus, our oils are expertly crafted from a collection of high-quality strains produced in the European Union and the United States.

Buy medical marijuana online

Nevertheless, only plants that have been hand-picked, sun-dried, organically pulverized;

and processed in specialized vessels are used in our constitution process, assuring that there is no contamination.

Buy weed online Ireland


We have high-quality dispensary in Amsterdam, a retail shop in the United Kingdom, and another dispensary in California, USA.

High Times Cannabis have eight years of expertise in this industry, giving us a lot of confidence in what we do.

We serve our customers with the greatest services possible and make them feel at ease with our products.

Our pricing are reasonable for all of our customers.

However, we provide discreet and secure worldwide shipping.

Clients may or may not need a Medical Marijuana Card to order from us.

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