Internet banking is the quickest and most convenient way to transfer funds. This is only possible if your account allows for internet banking. You’ll be provided the information you need to make a payment when you sign out. You’ll need to enter the exact amount of your order as well as the information from your online banking account that we offer. Take your time to double-check everything because the information you supply will notify the bank where the money should be sent. To obtain our bank account information, please contact us.

Selecting Bank Transfer payment method

  • Start by filling in your billing details
  • Select a payment method (In this case “Bank Transfer“)
  • Follow the instructions labelled below the payment method chosen.
  • Click on “place order”.

NB!!!!! After placing the order, you will get an e-mail notification from us with the necessary instructions to make payment. 
Sometimes, we can contact you in 5 minutes with our bank details so you can make the payment if the bank details are not included in the instructions.